Some days you just start off on the wrong foot. In a lousy mood. You should meditate. “Should”. You don’t. Instead, you do art. Why is it? Or how is it that making art can be so transformative? You know everyone is different. You’re not recommending that low mood. No way. But you do notice […]

First of all how did this get printed? I found it years ago in – CVS? – maybe. I admit, I was looking for cards that you can’t believe exist. But when you find one, it’s a gem. Like gold. It had gotten hidden behind more organized belongings in my bathroom. But I was doing

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When someone says the word green what color do you see? What’s crazy is that the mind usually is more a determinant than the color itself. Sun on green in the early morning can turn it into straight yellow. But you saw that tree yesterday. You know it’s green. Perhaps what I love most about

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It’s July 4. And it’s little bit wet out. It’s been more than a little bit wet now for days. For the loudest time of year normally, not so noisy this year. It’s pouring rain. Soggy. Like my paper towel where – yes, I’m experimenting with color. And, yes, the colors do look quite a

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You have an idea. And image. This. This is what you want to create. Or not. You have a blank slate. Canvas. Silk, in this case. I think that blank has always intrigued me. It takes me back to when I was a child and my mother would keep this basket of art supplies. ONLY

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What I’m lacking in these warmer than usual last days of June: presence of mind. Did I lose it to the two pups that are panting so nonstop that I need to stop whatever is happening and get them wet? Or is it because it’s summer and I don’t have a mind anyway? It’s easier

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I just received a book in the mail with the sweetest dedication. And I had to respond. How could I not? Was it how many years ago now? Martin Stellar started a master mind group for artists. To sell art. I joined at the last minute. But then when I nervously went online for the

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Yesterday the lake was wide open water. One day later, and it’s ready to give up all those reflections we’ve enjoyed for many months. Enjoyed, in fact, for much later into the season than I can recall. It’s been a warm fall. Up til now. I admit, I was NOT looking forward to winter weather.

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Lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep… (Frost) Yes, don’t we all? It’s fall. And the promises are calling calling calling us. Come back inside. Come back to – to what? To what we focus on when we aren’t drifting off inside nature’s caress. When we aren’t limp from her warm sun

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I relate: Holding on to the remnants of summer. Holding on to those odd days that blow in warmer weather. Holding on to the sense of peace that fall offers before…. dun-da-dun… winter arrives. My pup loves this time of year. The little chipmunks are scurrying everywhere through the leaves. Gathering their nuts. Squealing at

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