Oh yeah. It’s Monday. Back in your seat. Pencil in hand. You make one mark. You make the next. Then oops. Where’s your eraser, darn it? Smudge smudge smudge. You did NOT mean to do that and now look… You just wanted it to be right. You wanted it to be perfect. You didn’t want […]

I got this new water color paper. When I went to order more, the store was sold out of the type I’d been using. So I decided to be adventurous. These are my first attempts on this Japanese one that I bought online, sight unseen. It’s rough. But I kind of love how it has

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Lifting the head. Getting it up off the horizontal. Looking around. Yes. It’s all about that isn’t it? Throughout life. You wake up in the morning. Pick that head up off our pillow and have a look see. If it was possible to see right away. For years, as a child, I’d climb out of

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Can you see the figure? So quiet. Resting. What a magical word that is. For the new mother, what you cherish is sleep. For yourself. For your child. And as the child gets older, you continue to appreciate those moments. Down time. A chance to breathe. Relax. Or do your own thing. I was fortunate

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Rock-a-by baby. That’s the first impulse. Soothe the small small being. Lulled. The brain gets surges of sweet momentum. And is eased. Then … a little older: come the swings. Pump, push, pump, push! Higher. Higher. Higher. Back/forth. Back/forth. Wind in your hair. Floating off the ground. And your body surging one way and then

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Okay, so life is going along going along going along. Park time, woods walk time, feeding time, that expected routine. Day in day out. Slight shifts. Nothing major. Then… what’s this? Someone else taking me to the dog park? And only the dog park? Day after day? For weeks. Okay, okay … let me get

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I don’t know why I had to draw this image. Or maybe I do. Maybe I wanted to be the one swinging. Or the one upside down. Or just with. The word “with” has taken on a new dimension for the past while. I was just texting Hunter. Who’s with her new baby. And with

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All smooshed together on the bench. Now… not so much. Unless you’re already smooshed, don’t do it. Right? But we love the smoosh. The flesh on flesh touch. Some of us do. My mother wasn’t one of them. Oh no. “Please don’t touch me! Aaugh! No kisses!” She would shudder if you mistakenly gave her

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My brain is on the theme of babies. This drawing of young ones hints at babies much older than little Artemis. Artemis. “Temy”. A sweet infant. All wrapped up, swaddled in a blanket. He’s a blessed newborn. My mind hears this word. Baby. Mulls it over. In some odd way, the baby – the sense

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Remember yesterday? So much happens in a day now. And it makes each moment matter in a way I have not experienced in my life up til now except in short bursts. Present tense. Present. Tense. I have felt some of the most challenging emotions. And some of the best. These days. The challenging ones

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