(The paler colored horses? Hard to photograph. They are playing with being there and being barely there. They are happening happening happening. One day, this creation, the next day, maybe shifted. Or totally shifted.) I have a friend whose talent is organizing. She just visited and I cannot tell you what a gift she gave […]

I don’t know if you recall the piece I started a short while ago: all these soft oranges and yellows. And then blue came in. That blue came along. Looked like a dark horse at first. But, hey, look where it took me. This can happen, can’t it? You set off in one direction. A

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I got a text this morning from Marlene: did you find your acorn. Find my acorn??? Godammit, no! I’m not like Peaches who can just find a darn oak nut in a hot minute. For me it’s a lifetime search. Lifetime. Some people are searching for success. Some are looking for truth. Some for enlightenment.

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I woke up tired. Out of sorts. Grey mind. Grey outside. The day started off on a low note. For me, that is. I took Peaches to her woods. Her absolute favorite place. At this time of year, these trails are not appealing to most other humans. She is convinced this piece of the outdoors

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The water in this stream moves fast. But it’s been COLD and here are these shards – caught and frozen on the periphery of anything solid. Such detail. This sense of cold, cold winter brought to mind a conversation I had years ago when I was living in Seattle. Seattle, where it might rain more

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Kari is a new friend here in Bath. We talk, she asks me about my life. And I tell her about whatever progress I’ve made in terms of meeting people here. And it’s been slow. Slow partly because I do art – which means I spend time alone. But slow also because … I already

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(snow art) For some reason, I was thinking back on a time in art school when I was slammed. In this situation, we (the group of artists) would have had 6 months to produce work, come back, hang it, an then endure feedback. I say endure because it was often brutal. “Why did you make

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Cecilia and I spent time together yesterday. We were busy creating. I was putting things in order – stacking the colors along their poles. And Cecilia was taking it all apart, very quickly. I regret that I don’t have photos of her creations. Especially since they was never as predictable as mine. Those glorious messes.

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Warm spell in January. The woods were a little wet today. As in soggy. You set out on a walk. It’s such and such distance. It generally takes a certain amount of time. And energy. And then there are the days your boot weighs twice as much. You find yourself navigating ponds mid-path. Or sliding

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Nika and I took little Cecilia to the dog park today. First time. First time for Cecilia to see so many little pups running around together. She was pointing with her index finger: at one, then another, then another. So much to see. Never before seen. She was seeing dog. As in what a dog

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