This is another of my embroideries from years ago. Unfinished. But somehow that suits my message today. I feel like these people are all waiting with expectation that they will get somewhere. They will get there – they have faith. The opposite of faith is not doubt. The opposite is certainty. That’s a quote from […]

From when I was a child, growing up riding horses, the only thing I wanted to draw was a horse. I’d work on a drawing and then show it to my father. He would look at it, explain the anatomy – how the hip bone was connected (information that was way over my head) and

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Measurement is everywhere. Statistics. Logarithms. Math matters. Until it doesn’t. When Rhonda came to help me sew my pieces together, she asked: “What is the distance between each piece that is sewn?” I handed her the piece of paper in the photo. No ruler. No number. It’s what FELT right to me. If you look

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See that early spring green that is very yellow? Do you see it as green or yellow? When I take my work to the photographer, he argues with me about that color – I call it green and he sees it is unquestionably as yellow. And then, to back himself up, he pulls out scientific

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It’s grey out. Quiet. No sun. In Seattle this would be the norm. When I lived there, I had the strangest sensation of time standing still – there were no seasons to mark time in the way that I understood: no hot- hot summers, cold-cold winters, and those really transformative falls and springs. In New

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It’s one of those days: how can I not be distracted? My friends are sending photos of their plane ride into DC – it’s packed with women. All day texts keep me up with the events as they unfold. My daughter, Ariella, is in DC face-timing me from the Women’s March. Other texts come in

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Looking closely again, do you see all those loose threads? They are all over the place – disorderly. I have the straight lines, the softer lines of each fabric piece and then the edges, fraying and wildly their own idea. I love that. I used to do this kind of “dance” called authentic movement. The

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Can you see the 2 straight threads holding up these pieces? I just returned from a long drive. Straight lines down a more or less straight highway. Eyes straight ahead. All lined up. A number of years ago when I was in art school, I had a friend from South Korea. Perhaps because she was

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There was a period in my art exploration where I was intrigued by JUST the line: how it is the first thing that one is taught in school (or one of the first): “Get in line”. The concept of the line. And then there is actually using the hand to draw a line. Make a

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Speaking of meaning, while I was sewing, I recalled a conversation from years ago: I was at the time in an intensive language training program just outside Brattleboro, VT. (If you have been to Vermont, you know that it is called the Green Mountain state for a reason – it is mostly mountains.) This young

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