Isn’t this what many persons want to know? When my son was in his early teens, I would concoct this very healthy drink, full of Spirulina and lemon juice and other supremely healthy ingredients. Again and again, I would offer it to his friends, advising, “Don’t you want some? This will make you into a […]

I created this blog to share with you my life as an artist. And what I am realizing is that I create art slowly. As I create my art, I look out on Squam Lake. It in itself is worth sharing. Day by day, it changes. Also slowly. I believe that is part of it’s

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For years I have been creating art. But always, I wonder how to create my art. One of my first teachers was Japanese and I feel his influence in the pieces I am now painting. In Japanese ink painting, there is no correcting, it’s all in the moment: one endeavors to paint a circle. If

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Color is so primal. So simple. So profound. A baby opens his or her eyes and sees color. Color – all different, unidentified color. Later, color becomes attached to things. Or does it? In Cezanne’s haystacks and cathedrals, color shifts and shifts. The child’s eye sees color shifting and then, later, the subject that is

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Is anything just black and white? Rumi wonders the same thing. From what I am told, dogs do not see color. At night, Rumi can see his ball better than on a sunny day since the movement of that green is more vivid when the snow is less white. But Rumi himself really stands out

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I’m green at this. When I started this blog, I thought I’d be showing my art. All the time. Yesterday I showed a color sample on the way to the piece I mentioned at the start. That first color chart wasn’t right. I thought about how things start. How babies are born. First the mess.

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RED Years ago one of my art teachers had the class paint an angry dog. What he wanted to see was ANGRY. People would register that it was a dog with minimal indications. A lot of the paintings showed red and black. Aggressive colors. When we go to buy a Valentine, would we expect anything

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What about softer colors? The greens and greys of Japanese gardens? The earth tones of stone? If you are one of those people who love to be outside in the early morning before sunrise, you can watch the gorgeous transition from the darkness to soft greys as the gradual transition from dark to light first

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It’s been an unusually white winter but gloriously so. The snow is powdery, therefore it seems even whiter than ever. It brought to mind an experience I had years ago: a revelation about color which I will frame in a story: I had traveled to Finland for a bicycle trip. I was in my teens

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More snow came last night. Not a lot more, but now it is blowing and the white ground is blowing up into the air, blurring ground and sky. The blur is beautiful. White is as essential as color to my work. Instead of white as background, white is the object, the defined elements: the animal

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